PHP is and will be very alive in 2024. Stop saying PHP is dead; that’s a lie. The figures prove it!

David Garcia
4 min readJan 8, 2024
PHP is Dead - And Why That’s a Lie You Shouldn’t Fall For

I can’t remember how often I have read that PHP is a dead language. It has been a topic that many people have been repeating non-stop. And yet, year after year, we can see how PHP is not only dead but still rules about 79% of the world wide web through open-source PHP tools. And 2024 will not be different, so stop lying and accept the reality: PHP is and will be very alive.

The main problem we can see year after year is that many people say PHP is dead based only on two concepts: the fact that they hate PHP (for no reason) and the fact that some (not all) devs are part of a poll where they share their interest in learning and work with other languages.

When writing about programming languages, the only two trustable sources of information are official Git reports (like GitHub Octoverse) and coding and time tracking services (like WakaTime) among others. So, let’s see what we can learn from these two invaluable data sources.

Top 10 programming languages on GitHub — GitHub Octoverse 2023 report

Let’s look at GitHub Octoverse 2023 report. We can see how PHP is the 7th most used programming language on GitHub, being one of the top 10 programming languages on GitHub in 2023. And we both know that GitHub is one of the most used Git providers worldwide.

This proves that PHP is not dead and is even one of the most relevant programming languages. Also, I know first-hand that many medium-sized and large companies self-host their source code due to strict regulations, so tracking how many lines of PHP code are being updated is impossible because GitHub cannot track them.

Total programming time per programming language - WakaTime Code Stats for 2023



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