MacOS might soon surpass Windows in Software Development: the figures prove it!

David Garcia
3 min readJan 15, 2024
macOS vs Windows algunas diferencias generales — YouTube

At the end of August 2023, I wrote an article about the importance of the operating system for a software engineer. I tried to analyse our three main options: Windows, Linux and MacOS. You can read that article here (assuming you want some additional context):

However, now that we have just entered 2024, I couldn’t resist and checked how crucial the operating system is for software engineers based on active development time tracking through the WakaTime plugins that any software engineer can add to their editors and IDEs.

Although I’m still sticking to my concept of Windows is for entertainment, Linux is for servers, and MacOS is for work, it was a welcome surprise to see how MacOS can overtake Windows in its dominant position in the software engineering world.

Total programming time per operating system - WakaTime Code Stats for 2023

Automated time tracking based on active development time (when the developer interacts with the IDE) proves that both Windows and MacOS compete for the first position in the operating systems race to determine which option is preferred among developers.

But the best way to understand these figures is, in essence, analysing who must use that specific operating system and which market they are targeting, so it’s better to understand the results of these figures:

Who are Microsoft Windows developers?

Compatibility and Market Share:

  • Windows has a significantly larger market share on desktop systems, making it a natural choice for developers targeting



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