It would be best to avoid trusting big techs running privacy-washing campaigns

David Garcia
7 min readFeb 12, 2024
Privacy Washing & the Harm It Causes

In an era dominated by technology, privacy has become a precious commodity. As data security and digital surveillance concerns escalate, Big Tech companies have launched extensive campaigns to convince users that they prioritise privacy.

However, a closer look reveals a phenomenon known as “privacy washing”, a deceptive strategy these corporations have been employing for years (at least since 2020) to mask their true intentions and gain unwarranted trust.

Let’s delve into privacy washing, why big tech companies are investing in such campaigns, and, ultimately, why you should cautiously approach their promises.

Defining Privacy Washing

Privacy washing is feigning a commitment to user privacy through marketing, public relations, or superficial policy changes while continuing to engage in practices that compromise user data.

Essentially, it’s a facade designed to give the illusion of privacy-conscious behaviour without substantial changes in the company’s operations.

Why are (Big Tech?) Companies Embracing Privacy Campaigns?

Privacy washing is no more than a phenomenon where any company aims to gain users’ trust to keep collecting their data out of any control, ignoring privacy laws or data regulations (like the EU GDPR or the UN Human Rights), so they can keep their own profitability by running invasive and illegal business models.

Even household appliances (like washing machines) run an insane number of data collection processes (scanning and sending data from your home network to manufacturers) reaching unbelievable limits:



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