Demystifying the Full-Stack Engineer Role and Unraveling IT Department Realities

David Garcia
4 min readOct 23
Roadmap To Become A Full Stack Developer

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development and information technology, the role of a "Full-Stack Engineer" has emerged as a buzzword, often carrying many expectations and responsibilities. However, as technology demands continue to grow, so does the complexity of the terminology used to describe roles and responsibilities.

It is time to navigate the labyrinth, so this article aims to dissect the misconceptions surrounding the Full Stack Engineer role and shed light on the true nature of the responsibilities that extend beyond the title.

The Full Stack Engineer: Jack of All Trades

DevOps versus SysAdmin: ¿Rivales o Colaboradores?

Traditionally, "Full-Stack Engineer" describes a developer proficient in front-end and back-end development. They were equipped to build complete web applications from scratch, handling everything from crafting the user interface to designing the database schema. However, as technology ecosystems expanded, so did the expectations.

Today, a “Full-Stack Engineer” is often associated with a wide range of skills, including back-end technologies (Java, Python, PHP), front-end frameworks (React, Angular), various databases (PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL), and even infrastructure management (AWS, S3, EC2, ECS, EKS), among others.

This expansion of skills can be overwhelming, and in many cases, the label "Full-Stack" is a misnomer, as it implies mastery in all these areas.

The IT Department: Beyond the Buzzwords

Full stack developer salary — tyredrapid (with a bit of image editing)

To differentiate the Full-Stack Engineer role from the broader responsibilities of an IT department, it's crucial to clarify the scope of each. The laundry list of skills often associated with Full-Stack Engineers can resemble the duties handled by an entire IT department and all their team members.

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